Primary Care Program

(open Mon – Fri, 8:30 - 4:30, tel: 403 881 3920)

Our primary care is the service the Stoney Nation and it’s residents receive from family physicians and Primary Care Nurses. It includes assessment, diagnosis and treatment services. It also includes responsibility for promotion and maintenance of health, and of complete continuous care including referrals when required.

Program Activities

  • We offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment services via scheduled appointment and walk-in clinic hours.
  • We provide referral services for programs and services not available at the Health Centre (e.g. vision, surgery, etc.).
  • We develop and organize workshops and group counselling, in coordination with program coordinators, to address the health needs of our clientele.
  • We provide comprehensive intake services to generate a complete history, identify potential health problems before they become too serious, and provide early advice and recommendations for preventative care.
  • We provide follow-up and aftercare services.
  • We provide services regarding health issues such as: substance abuse, smoking, sexual abuse, suicide, rape, family violence, obesity and nutrition.
  • We provide AIDS/HIV/STD treatment, education, and prevention.

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