Community Health Programs

Community health nursing provides holistic service to clients across their lifespan and along the health-illness continuum, using a culturally sensitive approach that integrates various health promotion activities matched to the level of client’s functioning ability and facilitates optimal well being.

Maternal Child & Health Program

The Maternal Child and Health Program includes the care, health education, and guidance of the mother and father through child-bearing years and pregnancy and of the child through infancy and pre-school years. The goal is to minimize maternal, prenatal, infant and pre-school morbidity and mortality rates and to reduce the incidence of prematurity and stillbirths. Special emphasis is made to promote immunization and to provide education on pre-natal nutrition and lifestyle, breast feeding, infant care and to provide family planning counseling. Prenatal/Postnatal classes are conducted by the Community Health Nurses.

School Health Program

Vision, hearing and tuberculosis screening, immunization and health promotion classes are some of the services provided to school age children through the school setting.

Communicable Disease Control

Health teaching, contact tracing and outbreak control, water safety, and addressing issues on pollution are some of the services carried out by the community health department.

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