Health Promotion

Health promotion is a process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health. One of the main purposes of our Health Promotion and Education program is to increase levels of good health, or vitality and resilience, within the Stoney community. Another aim of Health Promotion and Education is to decrease the likelihood of becoming ill. It strives to change or modify environmental conditions and behaviours or predisposed characteristics that are creating risk for people at moderate or high risk for health problems.

The primary goal of our program therefore is to educate Stoney people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Program Activities

  • We provide preventative health education programs that are targeted at each component of the lifecycle.
  • We coordinate workshops or clinics for people with frequently occurring illnesses, such as diabetes, to inform them how they can control their illness through lifestyle changes.
  • We conduct screening clinics for illnesses (e.g., diabetes testing).
  • We coordinate healthy lifestyle workshops that focus on different aspects of healthy living (e.g., nutrition, exercise, smoking and alcohol use).

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