Mental Health Services

OPEN MON – FRI, 8:30 - 4:30, TEL: 403 881 3920

Mental Health Services at Stoney Health Services are offered through the Turning Point program which was founded in April 2009. The purpose of this service is to provide access to community-based mental health and wellness support for members of the Stoney Nation, as well as those connected to the Stoney community. Turning Point can assist community with a wide variety of issues ranging from: crisis intervention, ongoing support for anxiety and depression, help with self-management of anger, grief, stress management, relationship and family conflict management. Services available to individuals and groups include: assessments, service planning, goal setting, individual and family counselling, group support activities, client advocacy as well as follow-up services with other healthcare organizations, as required.

Turning Point has initiated and/or developed:

  • School-based mental health support (in collaboration with Alberta Health Services).
  • Community-based awareness campaigns: Suicide Prevention/ Awareness, Addiction and Mental Health and Emotional/ Social Wellness
  • An inter-agency network of professionals in Morley and the surrounding communities
  • Support for community-based organizations to provide information and learning opportunities around mental health and wellness
  • A partnership with the Canadian Rockies School District as well as support and services to their students and staff
  • Collaboration with Alberta Health Services and Wesley Nation to introduce PFA (Psychological First Aid) and SPR (Skills for Psycho-social Recovery) to the Stoney Nation
  • Collaboration on a suicide intervention strategy with Stoney Education Authority
  • Community-based workshops around mental wellness
  • Support for the delivery of the Mini Thni Elder’s group
  • A Youth Cultural Engagement Group with culturally-sensitive programming to address mental wellness and related issues for youth
  • Supported Suicide Assessment and Early Intervention protocols for Stoney Health Services
  • Enhanced services around Addiction supports for community members
  • Educational support and resources provided to Stoney Health Services prenatal program

Access to mental health services is a growing concern in our community and throughout the Province. In addition to integrating mental health counselling into our primary care offices, the Stoney Health will also focus on crisis intervention and community outreach programs for Mental Health and Addiction.

We will continue to work collaboratively with our other health care partners to improve early intervention and access while working towards decreasing the existing stigmas around mental health. We believe that individual health and wellness involves both physical and mental well-being and the Stoney Health needs to take an active role in promoting both in our community.