Patient Navigation Services

The Patient Navigator at the Stoney Health Services provide patient navigation services as it relates to care coordination, referral management, and service continuity including but not limited to assisting with navigating the health care system, re-engaging patient care, speciality specific health education, information, support, and access to services/resources for all patients.

Essential duties of the Family/Patient Navigator:

  • Facilitates patient appointments, including those made with labs, diagnostic areas, and speciality physicians where special assistance is needed.
  • Accompanying patient/Family to medical appointments, medical tests or procedures if needed.
  • Reviews progress and reinforces care plan goals with patients/family.
  • Facilitates various survey tools and risk screening instruments as appropriate.
  • Identify gaps in care for patients and facilitates referrals and linkages of needed services.
  • Outreach patient/family and assess what their diagnosis means to them and what treatment options have been discussed. Clarify any gaps in knowledge and communicates with primary care providers as appropriate.