Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy Services Tel: (403)881-2749

Our physiotherapist provides a holistic and client-centered approach to support Morley community members living with pain, movement difficulties and disability. Through education and advice, hands on treatment and exercise clients can improve their pain, reduce the impact of chronic disease and engage in an active lifestyle.

Individualized treatment plans are developed based on the needs of the client.Services are available to children and adults of all ages and may help with the following:

  • Supporting healthy neuro-motor development and promoting active lifestyles for infants, children and youth
  • School-based physiotherapy & exercise programs
  • Assessing and treating injuries and chronic pain
  • Rehabilitation following discharge from hospital and/or surgery
  • Developing exercise programs to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis
  • Women’s health physiotherapy: helping women with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, pelvic pain) or pregnancy-related discomfort
  • Education and strengthening programs to prevent falls and maintain independence
  • Community based exercise programs to encourage healthy movement and fitness