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Mission, Vision, Values


  • Promoting health, prevent injury and disease, treat illness and injury to promote the wellbeing of all people
  • Providing leadership and community support through emphasis on health promotion, wellness and illness prevention
  • Building healthy, dynamic communities in the Stoney Nation.


Healthier people in a healthier Stoney Nation.

Values Statement

Patient safety, high-quality services and patient- and family-centred care are priorities for Stoney Health Services.

Your health and wellness are our primary concerns. What guides us in our work is the belief:

  • Safe and high quality services are essential to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Culturally-adapted care and services should be available where possible.
  • Health is a shared responsibility where patients and families are active partners in their care & services.
  • Health and wellness add to quality of life.
  • Health promotion is an investment for the future of the community.
  • Healthy communities include supportive families and partnerships as well as healthy neighborhoods, environments and support systems.
  • Individuals and communities are capable of identifying their needs and adapting to meet them.


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