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Days of Operation

Monday- Friday

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9:00 am – 4:30pm

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Family Resource Center & Various locations

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SHS Home Care Program focus is creating an environment where you are able to live at home independently for as long possible. While Home Care services are most commonly delivered in your usual home place of residence flexibility exists to deliver services in a variety of other setting.

Home care services are available once you or your loved one have contacted and been assessed by a Home Care nurse.


What is Home Care?

Home Care is federally funded personal and healthcare services for clients of all ages. SHS Home Care Program has as its services priorities the following:

  • – Individuals in the community who may be at risk for facility admission
  • – Individuals requiring ongoing routine personal care
  • – Individuals being discharged from acute care or long-term care with assessed Home Care needs
  • – Individuals requiring ongoing, regularly scheduled respite care of the caregiver
  • – Individuals having an acute stage of a chronic disease, recovering from injury and require more frequent visits because of high risk of further deterioration in their health status and/or inability of the family to provide care required
  • – Individuals having chronic conditions or disabilities whose medical status has changed from stable to unstable

Home Care helps clients remain well, safe and independent in their home for as long as possible. Home Care Nursing is curative and rehabilitative or palliative; services include but are not limited to:

  • – Case coordination/treatment services that require a registered nurse
  • – Working with clients who have a specific diagnosis
  • – Surveillance and treatment of high-risk acute illness, unstable chronic illness/disability
  • – Professional Nursing Services; case management and hands on intervention such as wound care, palliative care (End of Life Care), ostomy care, advanced foot care, etc.
  • – ADL assessment/ordering of medical equipment and supplies and home safety assessment
  • – In-Home Respite Services
  • – Disease specific teaching in the acute phase of chronic disease, or medication assistance
  • – Personal Care Services

Home Care promotes client independence, and supplements care and supports provided by families and community services, but should not replace it.


Who Provides Care in Home Care?

  • – Healthcare services are provided by a team of skilled individuals who support the client to continue living in the community
  • – Depending on your needs, services are provided mainly by registered nurses, licensed practical nurse, certified health care aide workers, and occupational therapist.
  • – The client in the SHS Home Care Program is a major participant in the assessment process and delivery of care.


How Can I Receive Home Care?

Clients are referred for service by:

  • – Community Health Nurse
  • – Family doctor
  • – Hospital
  • – Family members
  • – Friends
  • – Clients, etc.

An initial assessment is required to determine if the client’s needs fit within the criteria of the Home Care policy.

Home Care does not provide all services a client may need, but can help arrange other supports provided in the community. A Home Care nurse works directly with the client and is responsible for assessing the client’s needs, and ensuring the overall coordination of care and services and refers to MD, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Social Worker, Diabetes Wellness Program, Turning Point, etc.

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