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Message from CEO
Hello! Âba wathtech!

On behalf of the Stoney Health Services, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Website. At Stoney Health Services, our patients and their families are an important part of our team. We believe that health is shared responsibility and we value the trust our clients place in us to take care of their healthcare needs and those of their family members.

The team at Stoney Health Services is honored to serve the great Stoney Nakoda community. We all appreciate the responsibility we have for providing high-quality, compassionate and culturally-sensitive health and wellness services to community members of all ages.

We continually strive to help improve the quality of life for our patients and to promote the wellbeing of the community at large. As always, we work closely with the Stoney Nakoda First Nation leaders, community resources, our clients and their families as well as with other healthcare providers to improve the health and wellness of the individuals and families living and working in the Nation. With this in mind, we have continued to expand our services out into the community again this year; and, our particular focus has been to support the bodies, the minds, the emotions and the spirits of our clients as ‘whole persons’.

A Glimpse Of Our Services

We provide a number of programs and services which include: Aboriginal head start services, allied Health services (social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy etc.), on-site clinical laboratory, communicable disease control, community maternal and child health, community transportation, crisis team, dental services, fitness and exercise classes, health promotion & education, home and community care, medical transportation, nutrition, pharmacy services, primary care (including medical, Nurse Practitioner and nursing services), psychological services, radiography services, school health and youth programming, are all available to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the Stoney people. These services are just a small sample of the high-quality care that we bring to you close to home. For more on this, please view the ‘Services’ section of this Website.

Some Of Our Recent Accomplishments

  • We have Allied health professionals working in the community to provide allied health services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, social work and nutrition services;
  • We have provided some specialty Medical and Allied Health Services in the community so that individuals facing medical issues can turn to their own community healthcare system and not travel elsewhere during what can be one of the most difficult times of their lives;
  • We have invested heavily in our Mental Wellness Program to provide broader mental health and addiction support services;
  • In response to the ongoing Opioid Crisis, we have implemented a Harm Reduction initiative; This service includes, but is not limited to, suboxone replacement therapy, a safe needle and paraphernalia exchange, a dedicated sexual health clinic, augmented mental health staffing and a mobile van which offers sexually transmitted diseases and blood borne infection (STIBBI) testing, treatment and client led health promotion;
  • We recently added a Crisis Support Team, and Youth Outreach Programming to our list of services;
  • We also opened an indoor Fitness Center, and fitness classes are held Monday to Friday lead by a Fitness Instructor;
  • We are collaborating with the RCMP to support the Habitual Offender Management Program;
  • We now have a New Client Liaison role to support Nation members returning from off-reserve health facilities;
  • We plan to open a Community Kitchen and expand our Nutritional Services later this year;
  • We partnered with the Stoney Education Department in a Driver’s Education Program for grade 10 to 12 students;
  • We have increased our workforce by hiring more nation members to represent about 60% of the total SHS workforce as compared to 30% three (3) years ago;
  • In response to the Covid-19 Epidemic in early 2020, we worked closely with the Stoney Tribal Authority and regional agencies put numerous safety measures in place. This included, among other things creation of a Stoney Nakoda Support Centre in the Morley Community High School for, up to, 75 community members testing positive for COVID-19 who could safely self-isolate if they had no other place to go. This was the first facility of its kind set up in a First Nation Community; and, we are proud to say that our work was highlighted across the country! (Note: See more about the Covid-19 Epidemic Response Plan in the ‘About Us’ Section of this website.) COVID-19 testing is available at the Health Center to everyone.

Strategic Goals For Moving Forward:

As always, we remain committed to acting in the best interests the people we serve. We look forward to continuing to work for you and with you in a shared responsibility for the best health interests of the Stoney Nation guided by the following strategic goals:

  • Creation of a comprehensive SHS Family Resource Center in Morley;
  • Creation of a Men’s Shelter;
  • Creation of a Treatment Facility for Substance Misuse in the Morley community;
  • Creation of Pain Management Clinic for people living with chronic pain;
  • Development of integrated Assisted Living, Long Term Care and Palliative Care Services;
  • Establishment of a Health Governance Committee mandated to provide direction to SHS and report to Stoney Chief and Council;
  • Improve the effectiveness of our Electronic Health Record Systems;
  • Initiation of Block Funding;
  • Become a testing site for the Medical Drone Pilot Project between the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to fly test kits from rural and isolated areas to urban centers;
  • Reduce ‘no-show’ rates in our services to avoid disappointing clients waiting for services as well as to use our resources more effectively and efficiently.

In Conclusion:

We understand the importance of receiving safe, compassionate and high-quality care, and we continually make every effort to improve the quality of life for our patients and the community we serve. Please know that if you, or a member of your family, are ever in need of our services, you will receive care from a skilled and compassionate team whose first concern is your improved health. We want to exceed your expectations!

We invite you to share your comments or suggestions about our website. We encourage you to explore its pages and links and if you need additional information, please be sure to contact us. We are happy to help you in any way, so feel free to share your suggestions, compliments or concerns. Your feedback helps us to provide our very best service.

Thank you, Îsnîyes

Aurang (Aaron) Khan

Executive Director & CEO


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