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Community Health

Days of Operation

Monday – Friday

Hours of operation

8:30am – 4:30pm

Service Location

Stoney Health Center & Various Locations

Contact info

(403) 881-2719 & (403) 881-2725



Well Baby/Well Child clinic

 Services provided

  • – Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program
  • – Pre/Postnatal Classes
  • – Parenting Classes
  • – Immunization clinics for all ages,
  • – Postnatal Home Visits,
  • – Lactation Consultant


Public Health

Public Health is primarily responsible for health protection through the prevention and control of communicable disease. This involves surveillance and reporting of disease, disease control programs including immunization, infection prevention and control and disease control recommendations.

Link to public health agency of Canada : https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health.html


TB Program 

TB is a germ that attacks the lungs and other parts of the body. TB is passed to another when a person with TB disease of the lungs coughs the germs into the air and the other person breathes in the TB germ. TB is very contagious because we all share air.

TB Nurse Role:

  • – Case manages all people referred to TB Services
  • – Case manages all people taking treatment either for TB Disease or Latent TB Infection which is taken Directly
  • – Observed to decrease any TB resistance to the treatment and to help you be more successful in killing the TB germ in your body.
  • – Teaching Resource to staff and the community about TB
  • – Contact Tracing: reaching all people who may have been exposed to breathing the TB germ in the community and discussing with them what their decisions are re TB treatment.
  • – Screening for those with high and moderate at-risk medical conditions as shared above to decrease their risk of getting sick with TB Disease.


School Health 

Stoney Health Services works as a partner with schools, school board and community for student health and well-being. Parents of school-aged children can contact the Stoney Health Centre for information about their child’s health including:

Services provided:

  • – Immunization for school age children who missed any preschool vaccines
  • – Have a chronic medical condition
  • – Are aged 4-6, and grade 6 and 9
  • – Referrals and assistance for vision, hearing and dental services
  • – Health information on good nutrition
  • – Common childhood diseases
  • – Medical conditions such as allergies and anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, hemophilia and epilepsy
  • – Head lice prevention and management
  • – Physical activity
  • – Growth and development
  • – Talking to children about puberty and sexuality, mental health, substance abuse puberty and sexuality, mental health, substance abuse, injury prevention
  • – Tobacco reduction
  • – Public Health overdose emergency





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