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Strategic Goals

Looking Ahead...Moving Forward

Stoney Health Services remains committed to acting in the best interests of the people we serve and is guided by the following strategic priorities:

  • Creation of a substance use treatment facility in Morley. The Stoney Nakoda Adult Wellness Centre opens in 2022/23 and will serve Nation members from all three communities.
  • Work with the community to continue the Drug Reduction Strategy including enhanced harm reduction services, development of a safe withdrawal center, a walk-in addictions clinic and comprehensive aftercare services.
  • Double the footprint of the Stoney Health Centre to meet growing needs of the community.
  • Work with the community to improve quality of housing for vulnerable clients.
  • Creation of a pain management clinic for people living with chronic pain.
  • Creation of a continuing care centre to provide integrated assisted living, long-term and palliative care services on the Nation.
  • Establish a health governance committee mandated to provide direction to Stoney Health Services and report to Stoney Nakoda Chiefs and Tribal Council.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the electronic health records system.
  • Initiate block funding to ensure more flexible use of funding.
  • Reduce ‘no-show’ rates for Stoney Health Services to avoid disappointing clients waiting for services and allocate our resources more effectively and efficiently.
  • Creation of a men’s shelter.
  • Expand Nakoda Head Start services.
  • Maintain our Accreditation Status with Accreditation Canada
Primary Care
  • Ensure dedicated, trained reception personnel at all times.
  • Extend opening hours to 6 pm, two nights per week.
  • Implement a dedicated phone line.
  • Ensure timely immunizations and prenatal/postnatal care.
  • Implement dedicated dietetic services for clients followed by the diabetic educator.
Community Health & Wellness
  • Improve immunization rates for infants, pre-school & school-aged children
  • Implement formal Case Management process for at-risk Mothers
  • Increase Maternal-Child Health/Fetal Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Home Visitor visits
  • Develop a Syphilis Outbreak strategy
  • Improve Influenza vaccination rates
Home & Community Care
  • Increase access to after hours services.
  • Improve hospital to home discharge planning.
  • Implement chronic disease management.
  • Consolidate long-term, end-of-life and palliative care services.
Addictions & Mental Health Services
  • Implement a mental health case management process for persons with complex needs.
  • Consolidate collaborations between crisis support & mental health services.
  • Improve outreach support for opioid replacement therapy (ORT).
Crisis & Community Outreach Services
  • Integrate and streamline Crisis Team with Mental Health Services.
  • Improve access to services near the Health Centre on-call & after-hours services.
  • Improve client uptake and prioritisation at point-of-contact (‘no wrong door’).
  • Work with the community to develop transitional housing.


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