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Community Outreach Program
Days of Operation

Monday to Friday

Hours of Operation

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Service Location(s)

Family Resource Center, and Trailer 22 (next to Nakoda Head Start)

Contact Information

(403) 881-2600 and,
(403) 956-9344

Family Resource Network

Îyarhe Nakoda Youth Program (INYP)

INYP is a community outreach program focused on prevention and intervention to promote resiliency for youth, aged 12- 18 years old, in Mînî Thnî and surrounding area.

Main Goals

  • Engage with community youth to encourage self-esteem, confidence and leadership through preventive measures and mentorship programs.
  • Through a holistic approach, engage with and support youth through Stoney Nakoda traditional and cultural teachings to connect with the ways of knowing to support identity.
  • Work collaboratively with our multidisciplinary outreach programs and other departments, the Stoney Education Authority, the Stoney Child & Family Services and all other interested parties including leadership, community members, and other local agencies and service providers.


  • Refreshed after-school program
  • Honoring Life Suicide prevention program which includes traditional land-based teachings and other cultural/traditional events, ceremony and celebrations
  • Summer Camp
  • After-school drop-in program – social, recreational


Mînî Thnî Crisis Support team

Our team offers programs and support to community members in times of grief

  • Ensures timely access to necessary resources, support and services in times of crisis
  • Works with our clients to address the underlying causes of the crisis; provide and or develop culturally sensitive training for community members and caregivers.
  • Rapid response to an emerging situation
  • Collaborates with community services providers to aid the community in time of needs
  • Supports community members facing challenges with adverse situations
  • Provides referrals to services and resources
  • Offers informational/educational workshops and various health promotion topics

LocationTrailer 22, next to Nakoda Head Start

Contact: (403) 881-2600 or


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