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Info for Practicum Students

Are you a Student? Looking for a Practicum Placement? Apply today!

Stoney Health Services offers clinical and non-clinical student practicums to help complete your chosen field of study in nursing, social work or addictions counseling. These positions are often unpaid.

A practicum placement at Stoney Health is an opportunity for you to implement theory learned during your studies and apply it within an Indigenous environment of client and family-oriented community care.

During the practicum, you have an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in supporting clients through a strengths-based approach, form an interpretation of your chosen profession, and most importantly, work with the Stoney community guided by an Indigenous perspective.

We encourage post-secondary students taking nursing, social work or addiction counseling from approved programs to apply for a practicum placement. 

Continue your learning journey with us!

Application Process

  1. Contact Stoney Health Services (email: to learn about current student practicum opportunities.
  2. If there is an opportunity, you’ll receive an email asking you to submit the following information:
    • Program/course outline & proof of enrollment
    • Current resume
    • Learning goals/objective
    • Current CPR First Aid, ASIST, and other relevant trainings
  3. Once Stoney Health Services receives your complete application package, you may be invited for an interview.
  4. Following a successful interview, we will ask for your school or program to contact Stoney Health Services for next steps and to complete necessary documentation.

What to Expect

Once approved to work with us, you will be assigned a preceptor. Your preceptor will work with the department lead to ensure you get a unique student identification card, access codes and tools required for your learning. 

You will be required to complete Stoney Health Service’s orientation and other training programs, as determined by your preceptor.

Practicum supervision with Stoney Health supports your learning objectives and goals. 
Our expectations for each student is that by the time your practicum wraps up, you will have gained valuable practical skills and technical knowledge. And most importantly, as an Indigenous healthcare organization, we provide our students a unique opportunity to learn about the Stoney people, their cultural and traditional ways. Inquire today!


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