Hep Can't Wait. Don't Wait to Get Tested.

Did you know? Every 30 seconds someone loses their life to hepatitis – don’t be one of them. Don’t wait. Get tested today. 

World Hepatitis Day is July 28. All week long (July 26-30), Stoney Health Service’s is encouraging the community to get a hepatitis test. It could save your life. We were pleased to see so many people drop in and get tested.

Testing is available year-round at the Stoney Health Centre or the Stoney Health Service’s Trailer during business hours. 

If you think you’ve been exposed, here are five reasons to get tested right away:
1. You can have the disease even if you feel fine.
2. The test is quick and easy.
3. You can protect your family and friends.
4. Treatments can suppress or even wipe out the virus.
5. Early treatment can help you prevent liver cancer or liver failure. Source: 5 Reasons to Get Tested for Hepatitis C, WebMD

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