Stoney Health Services Nutrition Team presents the “New Year, New Pantry” to provide the Mini Thni community with practical tips on how to improve the nutrition of their pantries. 

Each week, we will walk you through the steps on how to declutter your pantry, compare nutrition labels, pick meal essentials to make home-cooking easier, create a budget and shopping list.

We hope you learn how to upgrade our own pantries. Please comment with any questions or call the Stoney Health Centre and ask to speak to a dietitian!

Step 1: Clean out your pantry! 

Review the information provided in the pictures. Set your own goals and go through your pantry. Depending on how long ago the best before date is, you may want to discard. Throw away anything past it’s expiration date.

Follow our Nutrition Team on their journey as they take stock of their own pantries


Take picture or video in front of your pantry and announce 1 SMART goal for your pantry.

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