New era in Community Health as Stoney Health Centre opens it's doors

Minî Thnî, AB, November 22, 2023 – Stoney Health Services proudly announces the official opening of the newly expanded and renovated Stoney Health Centre. With an official launch on November 22, 2023, the Stoney Health Center is set to increase healthcare accessibility and services for Nation and community members.
Key highlights of the newly expanded Stoney Health Center:
Expanded Footprint: The Stoney Health Center has doubled in size, now occupying nearly 18,000 sq ft of space, ensuring a more comfortable and accommodating environment for our community.
Enhanced Primary Care Services: Eight state-of-the-art exam rooms, coupled with a dedicated triage room, enable us to offer expanded primary care services. This has enabled us to engage and recruit more family physicians and specialists and extend our clinic hours on evenings and weekends.
Comprehensive Diagnostic Services: The Stoney Health Center provides full x-ray and clinic lab services, ensuring that our patients receive timely and accurate diagnostics under one roof.
Prioritizing Mental Health: Recognizing the importance of mental health, we have added four more counseling rooms, offering a comprehensive range of services to support the holistic well-being of our clients.
State-of-the-Art Dental and Optometry Clinics: Introducing new modernized dental and optometry clinics equipped with cutting-edge technology.
The Morley Pharmacy has an added room to assess clients onsite and prescribe onsite.
Fully Integrated Allied Health Services: Collaborating closely with our delivery partner, Renfrew Educational Services, we have further integrated allied health services, including speech-language therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy and support workers for families, children and youth.
Cultural Rooms: Two dedicated cultural rooms, vented to allow for smudging and other traditional healing practices, emphasizing our commitment to providing culturally sensitive and inclusive healthcare.
Foot care and bathing services onsite. We have added bathing and foot care rooms for clients who need assistance and have no access in their homes.
New IV room. We have an IV room set up to do iron infusions and IV antibiotics to clients so they do not have to go to Canmore or Calgary for treatment.
Future-Ready Expansion: Looking down the road, we have space allocated for a community dialysis room, showcasing our commitment to future healthcare needs.
A traditional grand entrance led by a drum group, Stoney Royalty and community leaders kicks off the ceremony, followed by speeches, an artwork unveiling and a ribbon cutting attended by community leaders, Elders and healthcare partners. The doors open to the community in the afternoon with tours, a mini health fair and performances by local entertainers.
Quote from CEO and Executive Director Aaron Khan:
The opening of the Stoney Health Center is a transformative moment for the community. Our healthcare team takes immense pride in delivering exceptional, culturally sensitive healthcare. Now, with increased space and updated equipment, we are expanding our commitment to the well-being of every person and family — fulfilling our promise to serve the community, for the community, by the community.”
For media inquiries or to schedule interviews, please contact:
Wendy Thatcher, SCMP

About Stoney Health Services
At Stoney Health Services, our mission is clear — to provide exceptional, client and family-centered health and wellness services that prioritize the unique needs of the Stoney Nakoda Nation Peoples. We are driven by a commitment to excellence, compassion, and cultural sensitivity in every aspect of our healthcare delivery.

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