Man Van drives into Mînî Thnî on October 28

The Man Van travels throughout Calgary and rural Alberta. You can find it everywhere men go.
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Canada’s only mobile men’s health clinic educating me on the importance of early prostrate cancer awareness and overall health.

Provides men on-the-spot Prostrate Specific Antigen blood test as well as BP, blood glucose and waist circumference measurements at select clinics.

Men aged 40-80 who are not currently seen by a doctor for prostrate problems. Any man over 18.

What to expect?
When a man visits, he is greeted by someone (often a prostrate cancer survivor, who explains the test and its importance. He will then meet with a medical professional who will draw blood. Within a week, he will receive the results. If the results are higher than recommended, the Prostrate Cancer Centre will call the participant to discuss. Appointments typically take less than 10 min.

Why it’s important?

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostrate cancer in their lifetime but early detection is key. A simple blood test many help. It is recommended that men start getting tested as early as age 40.

Health measurements (bp, blood sugar and waist circumference are often good indicators of a men’s health status and often lead to the main health issues men face, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

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