Sacredness of Wiyabi Enaibi (SOWE) project

Eagle’s Nest Stoney Family Shelter launched the “Sacredhood of Women and the Moon” program in early May 2021. A joint initiative with the Mini Thni Crisis Support team.

Sacredness of Wiyabi Enaibi (SOWE) will offer women and girls on the nation monthly kits to support their moon cycle. Each kit will include a bar of natural soap, reusable and disposable hygiene products, and a rights of passage card written by Krista Hunter and contributing Elders.

The Sacredhood project celebrates the journey into womanhood and invites all Nation members to join.

For any Stoney Nakoda Nation member who would like a moon cycle kit, simply come to the gate at Eagle’s Nest and receive this offering. Each woman or girl will have the opportunity to receive one moon cycle kit per month! This is open to all women and girls on the Stoney Nation!

We are so grateful for the incredible donations we have already received for this project. If you are wanting to give to this project, you can do so by supporting a woman (or, however many women you would like!) by building moon cycle kits and dropping them off at our gate.

Each kit includes: a reusable bag, 15 tampons, 6 pads, 1 reusable pad or panty, and 1 natural bar of soap.

We love supporting Canadian companies. Here are some links to suppliers!

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