Nutrition Month – Good for You

Nutrition Month 2021

Nutrition Month 2021 - Good for You

March is Nutrition MonthThis year, dietitians want you to know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to healthy eating – let us help YOU find YOUR healthy!

Our nutrition is influenced by a number of factors that can impact our health. Dietitians aim to bring you closer to what YOU define as health. Whether it’s managing a condition, learning cooking skills, incorporating traditional foods, buying a supplement, or meal planning and budgeting, the Stoney Health Nutrition Team wants to provide personalized support.

Throughout the pandemic, the Stoney Health Services’ nutrition team of dietitians and health promoters have become very resourceful in finding ways to connect with the community virtually. Nutrition Month will features videos that highlight nutrition and how it overlaps with so many aspects of personal health and wellbeing and taps into many of our services and programs.

For nutrition advice, reach out to Stoney Health Services (adults, call 403-881-3920) and/or Renfrew Educational Services Stoney Health Team (children) to book an appointment with a registered dietitian.

All Nutrition Month videos will be shared on the Stoney Health Services YouTube channel (subscribe to stay up-to-date) or available upon release from this blog post. Scroll down to view the video collection.

#NutritionMonth Week 4: Family Nutrition

Lindsay MacCharles, Renfrew Education Service's dietitian, shares how parents can prevent the dreaded, "restaurant in your own home".
Like any first-time parent, health promoter Japeth Kaquitts is concerned as a provider for his family's nutrition.
Well Baby nurse Ritche Holm discusses some of the physical, emotional and social reasons why breastfeeding is so important.

#NutritionMonth Week 3: Sports Nutrition

Renfrew Education Services dietitian Lindsay MacCharles offers advice when planning your nutritional choices for your sports training or workout.
Health promoter Mel BigStony shares his personal journey as a competitive athlete and learning to balance nutrition for optimizing his sports performance.
Renfrew Education Services physiotherapist Trevor Anderson offers a few solid tips to improve your sports performance through nutrition
The Stoney Health's Nutrition Team tackles some common sports nutrition myths as part of Nutrition Month.

#NutritionMonth Week 2: Nutrition and Mental Health

Watch as health promoter Kiana Daniels shares her personal struggle with anxiety and it's impact on her health and the food choices she made.
Substance use counsellor TJ Powder discusses the connection between addition and poor nutritional health.
Dietitian Paige Thomsen offers advice on key questions - When? How? What? - to ask when considering your nutrition and eating choices.