Stoney Health Fair 2022

Stoney Health Fair 2022

Stoney Health Service’s Health Fair | Mark your Calendars! 

Stoney Health Services is excited to bring back our community health fair Wednesday, September 14 
10 am – 4 pm 
Bearspaw Youth Centre

After the pandemic, it’s time to remind the community of all existing health and wellness programs, with an emphasis on mental health and addictions education, resources and support. This year’s theme is resiliency.

List of Exhibitors

Stoney Health Fair Program, subject to change

  • 8 am: Venue Open for Exhibit Set-up
  • 9 am: Pipe Ceremony
  • 10 am: Grand Entrance
  • 10:30 am: Opening Ceremony
  • 10 am: Exhibit Hall Open
  • 10 am – 2 pm: Button Making with Marigold Library (child and youth activity)
  • 11 am: Keynote address, Dr. Terry Poucette
  • 12: 10 pm: Wellness Workshops (sign-up onsite)
  • 1:00 pm: Opioid Antagonist Therapy (OAT) and Family Support
  • 1:20 pm: Mental Wellness and Grounding
  • 1:40 pm: Entertainment
  • 2:00 pm: Wellness Workshops (sign-up onsite)
  • 2:30 pm: Mindfulness/Coping with Anxiety (presenter: Trish Tutton)
  • 3:30 pm: Closing Ceremonies
  • 4:00 pm: Exhibit Hall Closes
Stoney Health Services will close all locations and there will be no appointments available on September 14.

That’s a Wrap: #30DayHealthChallenge

Jan 2022 Health Challenge

#30DayHealthChallenge inspires healthier choices

Day 1 started out with a shopping list and by day 20 participants were heading out for a brisk 20-minute walk.  Every day the #30DayHealthChallenge invited the community to incorporate a few ‘new’ health and wellness activities into their daily routine.

Community members were encouraged to submit their daily ‘healthy selfie’. The person with the most submissions won a great prize. While only four people made regular submissions, the eventual winner accounted for over half of all submissions.

Check out photo highlights below and some of the comments (at right)  from #30DayHealthChallenge participants on how these challenges made them feel.

Keep it alive. Keep a copy of the 30-day Health Challenge close by and continue to make healthier choices every day. Small behavioural changes can make a difference. And challenge yourself throughout the year to Mel Bigstony’s 10-Minute Workout on YouTube.

"Pretty energized honestly. Not as sluggish as I usually feel throughout the day"
“I feel really good about this week. The food is giving me energy and getting things prepared and ready feels like an accomplishment. Overall I'm really liking paying more attention to what I'm eating. I enjoy it better that way”
“I was even doing little dances while filling up my water!”

Keep the spirit alive. Bookmark Mel Bigstony's 10-Minute Workout video when you need a break.

January 2022 Health Challenge

Jan 2022 Health Challenge

Join the 2022 Health Challenge

Jan 2022 Health Challenge

Happy New Year!

To kick off 2022, the Stoney Health Service’s Nutrition team developed a 30-day Health Challenge. Try and check off as many healthy activities you can this month!

Download your copy of the 30-day Health Challenge

Community members are encouraged to take pictures of themselves performing the health challenges each day and then submit via text to 403-803-7601. The person with the most submissions will win a $40 food market voucher.

Free food vouchers for mamas and moms-to-be

Attn: Mamas and Moms-to-be

If you have a baby 7 months or younger, you are eligible for food vouchers from the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program to provide your family with healthy, nutritious options.

Drop by the Stoney Health Centre monthly and speak to a Well-Baby team to receive four (4) food vouchers – each worth $25 – to use towards the community market on Thursday.

Call 403-881-2725 for details.

Ramping Up Your Garden Skills

Ramp Up Your Gardening Skills

Our partners at the Bow Valley Food Alliance produced a seven-part gardening series with urban gardener Christian Wright. The series is great for all you budding and experienced gardeners chomping to get out and garden this spring. Check out the BV Food Alliance YouTube Channel for the complete series.

  1. Plant Structures and Functions
  2. Plant Life Cycles & Strategies
  3. Classification, Identification and Descriptive Language
  4. Plant Tissues, Cellular Biology and Understanding Essential Plant Nutrients
  5. Understanding and Appreciating Soil
  6. Putting our Knowledge into Practice: Part 1
  7. Putting our Knowledge into Practice Part 2

Spring is Almost Sprung: Chicken Coops on their Way

Chicken Coop Construction Kicks into Gear

Signs of Spring are in the air and with them the promise of a new growing season. 

Building on last year’s successful Project Thichachan, construction of this year’s chicken coops was well underway when the Nutrition team dropped by recently to take a peak, cut a few planks and hammer a few nails. In total, eight coops are slated for construction, adding to 13 built and tended to by families around the Stoney Nakoda community.

The coops will be delivered along with a flock of 5-9 chickens later this Spring. Families will learn some chicken farming basics and be able to collect the eggs to eat or sell. These are important first steps towards supplying food locally within the community. 

These eight coops are already spoken for by local families but there are still ways to get involved. Check out the details below.

Interested in learning more, or finding out how you can get involved?

Volunteers are needed to assist with our greenhouse and food forest, which will be growing a number of fresh vegetables and fruit this year.

Reach out to Paige Thomsen, Stoney Health Service’s dietitian ( or 409-881-3920) to find out more and get involved.

Green thumb not required. Volunteers needed to help with our greenhouse and food forest.

Nutrition Month – Good for You

Nutrition Month 2021

Nutrition Month 2021 - Good for You

March is Nutrition MonthThis year, dietitians want you to know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to healthy eating – let us help YOU find YOUR healthy!

Our nutrition is influenced by a number of factors that can impact our health. Dietitians aim to bring you closer to what YOU define as health. Whether it’s managing a condition, learning cooking skills, incorporating traditional foods, buying a supplement, or meal planning and budgeting, the Stoney Health Nutrition Team wants to provide personalized support.

Throughout the pandemic, the Stoney Health Services’ nutrition team of dietitians and health promoters have become very resourceful in finding ways to connect with the community virtually. Nutrition Month will features videos that highlight nutrition and how it overlaps with so many aspects of personal health and wellbeing and taps into many of our services and programs.

For nutrition advice, reach out to Stoney Health Services (adults, call 403-881-3920) and/or Renfrew Educational Services Stoney Health Team (children) to book an appointment with a registered dietitian.

All Nutrition Month videos will be shared on the Stoney Health Services YouTube channel (subscribe to stay up-to-date) or available upon release from this blog post. Scroll down to view the video collection.

#NutritionMonth Week 4: Family Nutrition

Lindsay MacCharles, Renfrew Education Service's dietitian, shares how parents can prevent the dreaded, "restaurant in your own home".
Like any first-time parent, health promoter Japeth Kaquitts is concerned as a provider for his family's nutrition.
Well Baby nurse Ritche Holm discusses some of the physical, emotional and social reasons why breastfeeding is so important.

#NutritionMonth Week 3: Sports Nutrition

Renfrew Education Services dietitian Lindsay MacCharles offers advice when planning your nutritional choices for your sports training or workout.
Health promoter Mel BigStony shares his personal journey as a competitive athlete and learning to balance nutrition for optimizing his sports performance.
Renfrew Education Services physiotherapist Trevor Anderson offers a few solid tips to improve your sports performance through nutrition
The Stoney Health's Nutrition Team tackles some common sports nutrition myths as part of Nutrition Month.

#NutritionMonth Week 2: Nutrition and Mental Health

Watch as health promoter Kiana Daniels shares her personal struggle with anxiety and it's impact on her health and the food choices she made.
Substance use counsellor TJ Powder discusses the connection between addition and poor nutritional health.
Dietitian Paige Thomsen offers advice on key questions - When? How? What? - to ask when considering your nutrition and eating choices.

New Pantry, New You | How to Read a Label

New Pantry, New You | How to Read Food Labels

When you are building your stocked pantry, compare nutrition labels, and choose products with the lowest amounts of sodium, added sugars, saturated fat and trans fat.  But how?

Follow these simple steps:


  1. Look at the Serving Size: The serving size is at the top of the Nutrition Facts table. All the information in the Nutrition Facts table is based on this amount. Compare this to the amount of food you actually eat. For example, if the serving size listed is one cup but you ate two cups, then you need to double all the amounts listed.
  2. Look at the Calories: Myth – Calories need to be avoided. TruthCalories are used to measure energy in food. If we require more energy (laboring job, exercising), more calories may be needed. If we deprive ourselves of calories during the day, our brains will create cravings to help us meet our energy needs. If we consume excess amount of energy, our bodies store it as fat.
  3. Look at the % DV: The percent daily value (% DV) shows you if a food has a little or a lot of a nutrient.


    • 5% DV or less is little of a nutrient
    • 15% DV or more is a lot of a nutrient

% DV is meant to act as a benchmark to determine if that food is high or low in a certain nutrient. You can use it to compare the nutrient content of different foods. We try to:

  • Get more: vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein
  • Get less: saturated fat, sugar, sodium

New Pantry, New You | Week 3 – Preparing your Shopping List

Homemade Granola

Preparing your Shopping List

New Pantry, New You Shopping List

Shopping List

Source: Checklist adapted from MedBroadcast, Click to download sample.

Lindsay's Shopping List

Dietician Lindsay's Shopping List

A sample for yoClick on image to make bigger and easier to read.

Below is a suggested grocery shopping checklist for things you may want to purchase to complete your PANTRY MAKEOVER! You can purchase the items on your list over time, in addition to your regular grocery shops. You might not want everything on this list, it will depend on what your family likes to cook!
Oils & Vinegars
Sweeteners & Baking Ingredients
Herbs & Spices
Nuts & Seeds
Canned Foods & Sauces
Dry Foods
Homemade Granola Recipe

Easy Homemade Granola Recipe

Click image to make bigger and easier to read,

Granola Bar Recipe

Simple Pantry Granola Bars

Click image to make bigger and easier to read.

Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola - the final product

Click on image to make bigger and easier to read.